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    全自動面包生產線 Automatic bread forming line

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    China Automatic bread forming li

    全自動面包生產線  Automatic bread forming line







    特點:面更有光澤、品質更加穩定;產量更高。主要電器原件采用國際名牌產品性能穩定。面帶厚度、成形、切段大小均可調,操作方便。生產產品多樣性,可生產手撕面包,香頌面包,千層面包,蝴蝶酥面包,普通面包,牛角包等... ..該機是面包生產廠家更新換代的理想新型食品機械,是目前市場上潛力暢 銷產品之生產設備。

    1, The dough is rolled and rolled by multi-pass surface roller and maximus surface device to make the dough more shiny and stable

    2, Each roller is equipped with a thickness adjustment device to set the thickness of the surface to increase or decrease the weight of the product

    3, The surface is controlled by an electric eye between the pressure wheel and the maximizer, so that the surface will not break or block due to the too fast transfer speed of the host

    4, After passing through the last surface pressing wheel of the main machine, the surface will fall on the conveyor belt of the main machine, and then the surface will be rolled into strips through the rolling wheel and the auxiliary rolling wheel

    5, If you want to produce the block products, you can open the separate cutting table and set the cutting length to determine the length size and weight of the products

    6, With synchronous speed regulation function, more convenient operation, features: more luster, more stable quality;More productive, The main electrical components adopt international famous brand products with stable performance, The thickness, forming and cutting size of the strip are adjustable and easy to operate.We can produce hand torn bread, chanson bread,Crisp Skin Bread, butterfly crisp bread, ordinary bread, croissant and so on

    This machine is an ideal new type of food machinery for bread manufacturers, and is the most multi functional production equipment of best-selling products in the market.


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