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    電腦控制式開酥機 Computer controlled pastry machine

    價格: 價格面議


    China Computer controlled pastry


    Computer controlled pastry machine


    ●適用于酥皮, 起酥類食品,也可用于碾壓面團。



    ●精選優 質鋼材,完 美的熱處理工藝。傳動平穩,噪音小、使用壽命長。






    Functional characteristics

    1, suitable for pastry, pastry food, can alsobe used for rolling dough.

    2, the host area, conveyor adopts detach-able type, easy cleaning and maintenance.

    3, fine workmanship, beautiful appearance.

    4, Featured high- -quality, perfect heattreatment process. Smooth transmission,low noise, long service life.

    5 roller after grinding, not sticky dough, noteasy to scratch.

    6, simple operation, easy to use; savingtime, one person can operate 2.

    7, using imported blue belt sterilization,strong wear resistance, no pilling.

    8, the selected lines have passed thenational 3C certification and approval,make the machine safe and stable.

    9, the touch screen control, can be adjustedaccording to requirements of each pressurethe thickness of the surface, there are three


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