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    全自動蛋糕生產線 Automatic cake production line

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    China Automatic cake production

    全自動蛋糕生產線Automatic cake production line

    蛋糕產品是非常受消費者歡的休閑食品,以美味可口、營養衛生迅速取代餅干產品在休閑食品市場的領 先地位。經過十多年的發展,從早期的蛋黃派、磨堡蛋糕風行-時 ,到現在燒貝殼、冰淇淋蛋糕、肉松蛋糕、金 牌蛋糕、海綿蛋糕、手工蛋糕各式產品不斷推陳出新, 蛋糕市場呈現百花齊放的繁榮局面。

    Cake products are very popular snack food consumers, delicious, nutrition and hygiene quickly replace biscuits in the snack food market leading position.After more than ten years of development, from the earliest egg yolk pie, moabou cake popular, to now shell burning, ice cream cake, meat cake, gold cake, sponge cake, handmade cake products continue to bring forth the new, cake market presents a flourishing situation of a hundred flowers.

    安得馬富機械有限公司研發的蛋糕生產線,緊貼市場走向,在已有的自動化生產線上, 不斷研發突破,適應產品的多樣化生產,設備操作簡易,運行穩定,高效節能。






    The cake production line developed by andemafu machinery co., LTD is closely following the market trend. In the existing automatic production line, we keep making breakthroughs in research and development to adapt to the diversified production of products.

    Main process of manual pure cake production line: raw material stirring → automatic feeding → daub molding → baking → cooling → ultrasonic striping → ultrasonic cutting → sterilization → packaging.

    Technical features:

    cake molding adopts automatic programmed control, which can quickly change product varieties, touch screen operation interface and clear parameter setting.

    (ii) the production line is equipped with rich experience and different types of automatic/semi-automatic production lines. According to the requirements and actual conditions of customers, the most suitable production line is tailored for customers.


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