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    鋼帶式隧道烤爐 Steelbelt based tunnel oven

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    China  Steelbelt based tunnel ov


    Steelbelt based tunnel oven


    The tunnel furnace is divided into 5 heating areas for temperature and production line speed. The temperature is measured by thermocouple and equipped with cold end temperature automatic compensation, thermocouple linearization and digital filtering functions.Display the value of setting and actual temperature of each point;The temperature setting value of each point can be set or modified online;It has the function of sound and light alarm for over-limit and thermocouple breaking, and can set or modify the upper and lower alarm values of temperature of each point online;Dual mode control or fuzzy PID control or other advanced control algorithms can be selected online, with output limiting and anti-integral saturation function, to improve the dynamic adjustment quality of the system, control parameters can be set or modified online, to achieve the best control effect;The system adopts the west gate sub-programmable controller, the output channel adopts the photoelectric coupler for isolation, and the output signal USES the method of controlling the cycle number of the ignition tube with little harmonic interference, so that the system has a strong anti-interference ability.In addition, it has the characteristics of low input and easy operation.






    Baking range: all kinds of sandwiches, Swiss rolls, thousand layer cakes, cookies, cakes, cakes, shortcake, etc 烘烤范圍:適用各種面包,蛋糕和傳統中式糕等的烘烤優勢:

    Baking advantage:1,The new type alloy belt burner has the characteristics of small deformation, high temperature resistance, strong corrosion resistance, large adjustment ratio and silent combustion.Can make long-term application of equipment, with strong stability, ensure that the product is heated evenly and color consistency, long-term use will not change;2,Multiple exhaust system can flexibly control more reasonable moisture requirements of products;3,Preheating heating, can make the combustion more intense and full, ensure that the combustion heat does not waste, has obvious energy saving effect.


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